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171 points in 510 games
0.34 points per game

212 points in 270 games
0.79 points per game

Allstars don’t need to fight plugs after legal hits.

Comment from : Wayne

cant wait to see calgary get hyped up again and lose in the first round
Comment from : DIRTYDANGLER

Peter Thiessen
The Calgary Flames are turning into a dirty pathetic team. Anything for a win, even dirty plays. It also shows the lack of respect and class ,but then what can you expect.
Comment from : Peter Thiessen

Jordan Perepolkin
Mcdavid swift and playmaker
Mackinnon explosive and wicked release

Comment from : Jordan Perepolkin

Jordan Perepolkin
Kassian vs tkchuck lol and that Mcdavid swift goal
Comment from : Jordan Perepolkin

Stephe Kron
I hope for an NHL where headhunting like this is called by the league if not the refs. Without immediate action by the league it only encouraged a repeat attack of a very similar nature with an intent to injure. When someone is going after a player's neck and head like that with armour and full charging weight, and the league basically condones it, then you're forced to defend yourself in a moment of rage and any resulting injury is really on the league. Tkachuk is a dirtbag and a loser.
Comment from : Stephe Kron

Jim Crow Flag
Better goal ?
Against the Flames
Or Lebronto Maple Leafs ..

Comment from : Jim Crow Flag

makaveliking ofraprip
James Neal was by far the biggest pylon of the Game. Calgary loves Looooccchhhh!!!! Cant wait for him to square up Kassians Face next game. Time and place for everything.
Comment from : makaveliking ofraprip

If McDavid hits Lucic does he have to fight him? Oiler logic
Kassian is the one getting suspended, don't be such homers...It was a selfish play, take a hit. Get him with a clean one next time

Comment from : D C

Not a fan
Comment from : -_-

Whittling Cowboy
From the opening faceoff the Oilers played to lose in my opinion.
Comment from : Whittling Cowboy

broden Delauretis
Best game of the season?
Comment from : broden Delauretis

Tina Cameron
I did not go my cousin got tickets for her and my dad
and my dad cheres for the flames and my cousin cheres for the edmonton oilers

Comment from : Tina Cameron

Tina Cameron
I'm at this game
last night

Comment from : Tina Cameron

Tkachuk played kassian like a fiddle.
Comment from : Wayne

Everybody hates Lucic until he plays for their team
Comment from : janhockey71

McDavid roughed up Backlund. Refused to fight Tkachuk.

Draisaitl slewfooted Tkachuk. Refused to fight him after.

If your star players won’t answer to guys in their weight class for dirty plays, why should our leading scorer fight a guy in a weight class above him after a clean hit?

Comment from : Wayne

Pathologically Friendly
So, which team do people from Red Deer, Alberta cheer for?
Comment from : Pathologically Friendly

Peter Schurman
Playing with six player is always a win , 5 flames and the referee 🖕
Comment from : Peter Schurman

Ирина Котляренко
Наблюдаю за КАЛГАРИ с конца декабря, не знаю почему, но команда хороша, одни победы, МОЛОДЦЫ 💪💪💪👍👍👍😍😍😍
Comment from : Ирина Котляренко

Lol Kassian was so mad he looked like he was going to cry. After he took a quick peek to make sure Lucic wasn't on the ice he grew a foot taller lol.
Comment from : TJ32

Gagan Rehill
Tkachuk bodychecked Kassian back to factory settings.
Comment from : Gagan Rehill

Ирина Котляренко
Вот это битва, КХЛ в сторонке курит!!! Сугубо моё мнение без обид если кого обидела этим коментом!!!
Comment from : Ирина Котляренко

Tom S
show any hits in the highlights? no. any fights? no. sweet highlights
Comment from : Tom S

Book of shadows contributor Brian
100th comment ⚰⚱🏺
Comment from : Book of shadows contributor Brian

All in all, great game! 🔥
Comment from : Bran_13

How the hell don’t you show the hits in this game?!?!
Comment from : SpartanCL1989

Eric Ho
kassian has not been productive lately and do not deserve the 1st line. macd needs a partner. please give the spot to someone else...
Comment from : Eric Ho

The Video Game Guy
Holy hell what a goal by McDavid
Comment from : The Video Game Guy

валерий миногин
выдали Парни БИТВУ 💪💪💪💪💪👍👍👍...coment:RU ✊👌
Comment from : валерий миногин

I'd laugh my ass off if the Oilers miss the playoffs by 1 point. Thanks Zack!
Comment from : GunstarGizmo

Wil Wanotch
Stay classy
Comment from : Wil Wanotch

Celly TV
Comment from : Celly TV

Kassian cost us the game ffs
Comment from : Frizzyy

Aggresif 12
Yamamoto good
Comment from : Aggresif 12

Biggest loser tho is Ryan chicken nugget-kpopskins! What a bust
Comment from : hfdkefds

Kassian, the brain dead goon can’t take a clean hit but can sure take a stupid penalty. Chucky owns him, lives in his head. Should’ve got a 5 minute major and a game, got off easy.
Comment from : Freethinker

Curtis Yuen
I would be embarrassed to be seen on public after taking a beating on national TV like Tkachuk did tonight!!! Bahahhahha!!
Comment from : Curtis Yuen

Curtis Yuen
Zack Kassian is a beast, the sh$t Kickin Matthew Tkachuk took was worth every last penalty minute even the game. Tkachuk looked like a rag doll being tossed around bahahhahahahha!!
Comment from : Curtis Yuen

Chris Fournier
RIP Neil Peart.
Comment from : Chris Fournier

Oilers Oilers
Same old Talbot letting in very weak goals, his team bailed him out. Let’s beat them next time oilers
Comment from : Oilers Oilers

Mats Sundin
good game but kassian pulled a kadri and a few mistakes by Bear was the difference tonight.
Comment from : Mats Sundin

Tyler Wilson
I would not want to be Kassian right now. Yikes. Cost his team big time
Comment from : Tyler Wilson

My goodness McDavid skated in and shot it like everyone else is in peewee hockey
Comment from : usermiguelF

Anwit Paul
I was at the game Boyz!Go Flames Go!
Comment from : Anwit Paul

Cole Westin
Flames fan here, but damn if McDavid isn't a treat to watch work his magic.
Comment from : Cole Westin

bruh mcdavid such speed man
Comment from : MrPowerPip

Ed J
Way to omit every hit. Do you even hockey SN?
Comment from : Ed J

Clean hit
Powerplay goal
Game winner
Flames in 1st place

Thanks Kassian!

Comment from : Wayne

ANA DucksFan
This was a G G
Comment from : ANA DucksFan

Always a great night when Flames annihilate greasers
Comment from : foreveraflame

Curtis Doucet
Kassian handed them the game would have bin different without it. Having said that Tkachuk if you want to play the way you do better be prepared to drop the gloves son. Next games in Edmonton if you don't you will be branded as a pu*#& for the rest of your life.
Comment from : Curtis Doucet

Joe Smith
Talbot looked pretty mediocre tonight.
Comment from : Joe Smith

Imagine them without McDavid.. rivalry wouldn't even be close in this era
Comment from : Musicrecords10

Evan Smith
i am a flames fan but oh my god mcdavid looks like a real life cheat code.
Comment from : Evan Smith

The Phenomenal One
Thanks Kass from all flames fans😂😂
Comment from : The Phenomenal One

Jude Aberdeen
Jim Hughson such an Edmonton homer. So damn annoying
Comment from : Jude Aberdeen

Alex Tran
What a game for sure! GO FLAMES GO!
Comment from : Alex Tran

Tom Wilson
I just want to see a battle of Alberta playoff series.
Comment from : Tom Wilson

frozen curmudgeon
I liked Kassians assist on the Flames 4th goal.
Comment from : frozen curmudgeon

me after the oilers lost www.youtube.com/watch?v=wE0uhqaxS_E
Comment from : RAMBO STUDIOS

Barb Myran
Comment from : Barb Myran

5-0 in 2020 for the Flames! Thanks Kassian for handing them the GWG. Tkachuk remains in y'alls head lmao
Comment from : CANT THINK OF A NAME

MagicWorld9756 june
Easily the best game of the night. Love the physical play
Comment from : MagicWorld9756 june

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