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Cameron the savage
Comment from : Cameron the savage

This team is ruining my life!!!
Comment from : TheStLouisSniper

Richard Harder
Allen's "deer in head lights" style of play doesn't seem to be working out.
Comment from : Richard Harder

Richard Harder
The blues are making every other team look TOO GOOD RIGHT NOW!!!! fml
Comment from : Richard Harder

Nintendo fan2000
9 straight victories go for 10? against the Stars tomorrow? let's a go boyz!
Comment from : Nintendo fan2000

deep purple fan
Nice flames. I need you to beat them 1-10 next time you see them and the blues..... Who needs you?
Comment from : deep purple fan

Book of shadows contributor Brian
Johnny top ten nhl player
Comment from : Book of shadows contributor Brian

Book of shadows contributor Brian
Blues wrong tune this game
Comment from : Book of shadows contributor Brian

The blues should try to get Elliott back maybe they would get good goaltending again
Comment from : MoneyHands23

Joe DeBaun
Can never get used to lady announcers.
Comment from : Joe DeBaun

Shiron 115
Probably the most talented lineup the Blues have had in the 20 years I’ve been alive, and yet they’re also having the worst season during that time. It just doesn’t make sense.
Comment from : Shiron 115

Richard East
But at least the Blues have a puppy.
Comment from : Richard East

Big save Dave 🔥🔥🔥
Comment from : Vurx

Kyeran Nisbet
What the hell is up with the Blues lately?
Comment from : Kyeran Nisbet

Newhook 18
Walk with Elias!!!
Comment from : Newhook 18

Eric S.
Senko is gonna want to be traded to a better team
Comment from : Eric S.

Withor 88
Blues need a complete rebuild
Comment from : Withor 88

Who is FLAMES like this comment!!
Comment from : JimmyHockey

Isaac Frohlich
Can't stand Tkachuk but good job flames 👍 glad to see you doing well
Comment from : Isaac Frohlich

Atta be flames!!! 8 wins in 9 games woooo!
Comment from : xKRONxAxTHONx

Sad to see the Blues go from a top team to a bottom feeder. They've basically given up on winning a championship.
Comment from : GunstarGizmo

Nickbomb 09
Giordano for the Norris Trophy
Comment from : Nickbomb 09

PimpNet Crew
Man flames are on a roll
Comment from : PimpNet Crew

Chad Brotherton
No excuses .That first period especially, was pitiful. The roller coaster continues.
Comment from : Chad Brotherton

Timmy Bits
0:25 it says st.louis scored
Comment from : Timmy Bits

Kkorkis -
The blues are a joke
Comment from : Kkorkis -

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