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Neels Beltran
So if your that black dude why do the ad
Comment from : Neels Beltran

yous ef
Ha, in america the company would've been shutted down and would be sued. But in china, nothing happens.
Comment from : yous ef

Rashiid Almahdi
It's crazy how Chinese or any Nation can try to be anti shemetic to us. We never colonialized Asians or corrupt your economy but some Asians find a problem with our people. Asian countries listen to this the Caucasian called your derogatory names insulted your culture and your still want to love the Caucasian. Get you're selves together.
Comment from : Rashiid Almahdi

Otis C-14
Hahahahaha Chinese people are so based! Asians are by far my favorite race besides my own.
Comment from : Otis C-14

Savage7 Shadow
They also kill our pets >:c
Comment from : Savage7 Shadow

Taylor Noel
I find it interesting that Asians were up in arms about a black girl who made fun of nail salon and mimicked the Vietnamese workers and a bunch of Asian also got butt hurt when Mexico pulled there eyes back which was a way to thank korea for allowing them to pass in a soccer game.
But when this comes out black people are butt hurt were to sensitive lol 😂 Kay. Double standard at its finest.

Comment from : Taylor Noel

freesf ftrefv
Funny thing is how much black people bitch about racism, but growing up as a light skin Puerto Rican I've experienced more racism from blacks than from any other race hands down!... And let me guess I'm now a racist for telling the truth... FOH
I don't even fuk wit younger blacks like that anymore... To fucking racist, disrespectful, and full of hate

Comment from : freesf ftrefv

James Humbert
Thats like apologizing for steering in a little girls window whole she sleeps, and well....
Comment from : James Humbert

Lmao you guys are hating on the Chinese more than on trump 😂😂😂
Comment from : ToxicPlays

Octav octav
Can't wait to go home n show them
Comment from : Octav octav

Theo Knapp
*Black people and white people speaking for black people have entered the chat
Comment from : Theo Knapp

Tosin Richtea
The black black guy in the ad is a foolish sellout. Money would make some people senseless.
Comment from : Tosin Richtea

Janella D
That’s just rude who does that
Comment from : Janella D

Mr. West lndian t.v.
Chinese will never be white.
Comment from : Mr. West lndian t.v.

UpperClass Thug
Comment from : UpperClass Thug

White supremacist have struck everywhere. Asians worship white people. But white racist folks can't stand them
Comment from : JamericanDC1

Gandhi called blacks inferior
Don’t apologize. Just keep it going!
Comment from : Gandhi called blacks inferior

North East Mongoloid
That's along with these smelly ASSHOLE loser chinese, we other Asians also get harassed...

Dumbfuck communist chinese...

What do you expect from a nation who threw out His Holiness Dalai Lama...

Comment from : North East Mongoloid

Whatashane Fergus
dat raycis LOL
Comment from : Whatashane Fergus

Charizard Rules
They said what they meant. Asians are so racist towards blacks! It's okay, we don't want your 3 inch penises anyways !
Comment from : Charizard Rules

Actually, My Teacher said that everyone was naturally black, then due to climate , skin color change due to heat. If your white, That means ur ancestors was born in a not so hot climate. So it's not our fault
Comment from : Darkcoreplaya

" LIGhteN uP YOu blaCKs. " once said a comment

actually, africans were the first race to even exist. then people started immigrating to different parts of the world, and their skin adapted to their environment and turned WHITE. lord, people really need to get their facts straight 😒

we are all related. understand that, and except it ❤💛💚💙💜 👋😡

Comment from : Auo

Donald Fauntleroy Duck
Most Chinese only want to marry the Chinese. Unless you have a good career.
Most Chinese people like white, which is a natural white. But not as white as Europe and the United States. Chinese men don't like themselves too white, because it looks like gay.
If China has a small number of foreigners, they are very popular, whether it is black or white. But if it is too much, it will cause Chinese people to dislike it.
This is China.
I think the so-called racist in the United States just thinks that there are too many blacks or yellows. After all, a large part of the United States is white.

Comment from : Donald Fauntleroy Duck

Upto Me
Woman your not fkn african ?
Comment from : Upto Me

Anjolie Clarke
As an African American I’m very offended
Comment from : Anjolie Clarke

Chinese people are really friendly thoe
Comment from : Admiral上将Biscuit饼干

ok were did uneducated cone from
Comment from : Admiral上将Biscuit饼干

Shawn Swag MSP
I am so sorry the Chinese has discriminated your people. I am deeply ashamed of what my kind have portrayed yours as. I want to tell you that I think you guys are just as good if not better than the Asians. One thing I learned from black people is the true definition of treat others how you want to be treated.
Comment from : Shawn Swag MSP

OMG... Unbelievable !!!
Comment from : Aishah215

kelvin konga
Comment from : kelvin konga

Smh racist fucks!
Comment from : Chanel

Anjolie Clarke
And now they ruined Chinese food for me.

Comment from : Anjolie Clarke

Disney Animation
It’s just that Asians are scared of black people
Comment from : Disney Animation

My Own Path
So so funny. Lighten up you blacks( no pun intended!)
Comment from : My Own Path

Tai Hung
Saying racist things can be forgiven because it can be on mistake or misunderstood but this is a meant to be racist and you can’t sorry on physically things that is 100% in intensined.
Comment from : Tai Hung

livinglifeasachinese communistincanada
as i chinese this pisses me off
Comment from : livinglifeasachinese communistincanada

Tamera Evans
Wow but yet the chinese , and Japanese community cry about being made fun of because of their names but then they do shit like this 😂😂😂😂 WHO IS THE REAL VICTIM PLAYER ????
Comment from : Tamera Evans

Man fuck that why did the nigga even play the role 😂😂
Comment from : MarvelousJarvis

Get DaDoe
Yooooooooooooo🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 dat shit wrong lol
Comment from : Get DaDoe

Fernando Gonzalez
Whaaat ? Asians ? Racist ? Nawwwww 😏😂😂😂 no shit they think they’re above everyone and still complain when people think their food is disgusting
Comment from : Fernando Gonzalez

Bruce Villa
Comment from : Bruce Villa

Daniel Iteon
one of my favourite commercial
Comment from : Daniel Iteon

Racism is usually spread from parents to child, and when no one teach the child anything about stopping racism, they become a**holes ^^ and plus most racism comes from people’s heart, especially when someone has a history with a person from another race. So it all depends on your experience with another race :3
Comment from : -Shadowclaw-

Ana Loza
The black man probably didnt know. Advertisers sometimes dont tell you the full extent of the commercial. They just tell you how to act in that specific moment. I've shot a commercial before. They gave us minimal information. I'm assuming he didnt know he was going to be replaced by an Asian man.
Comment from : Ana Loza

Chinese are not at all better than the u.s if not just as worse man.
Comment from : dahomiedave

Lorenzo Higgs
I don’t think they need to apologize, cauz black people aren’t the main majority in China
Comment from : Lorenzo Higgs

Robert Ly
Take all your sensitive asses back home and shut up
Comment from : Robert Ly

Vue Mouaa
Comment from : Vue Mouaa

卐Hades ML
That's why I hate Chinese.I hate how they eat the food that there's no tommorow,I hate the confidence of them ,I hate everything
Comment from : 卐Hades ML

some random guy
Really bitch thats a fucked up ad btw they just say sorry but they dont give a fuck at all
Comment from : some random guy

the chinese have a great sense of humor😂, stop being patsies 🚫
Comment from : me:

Tinatasha Sandari
That guy who accepted the role......you're such a dumb ass👎
Comment from : Tinatasha Sandari

Nyerinde Joshua
Arabs sold Africans in Europe and America as slaves, Europe came and colonize Africa and this China is coming to colonize Africa also what happened to Africa? Because we black?
Comment from : Nyerinde Joshua

Zepter Zoch
It’s China. This is NOT your business.
Comment from : Zepter Zoch

kk ok
Chinese should leave Africa.... They are not fucking welcome weird things have been reported in some African countries ever since Chinese people moved in.....
Comment from : kk ok

Chi Asmr
It shows how cheap we are.
How much was he paid to take up that role?
Dumb thing.

Comment from : Chi Asmr

Smoke Stock
Fuck you and your pc culture we aren't europe or merican if you love black so much then fine. Just stop forcing your sjw pc culture to our continent.
Comment from : Smoke Stock

Smoke Stock
Why????? Asian dont like to be black so the company target their customer who want to be white. Male and Female asian want to have white skin. It's our beauty standard. If you dont like it dont come to asia.
Comment from : Smoke Stock

Communism does not permit multiculturalism especially in country like China.
Comment from : Michael

William Steven
Feminists will later being there, claiming that it's rape.

You mad feminists?

Comment from : William Steven

Raymond J Blaze
I don't feel sorry for Asians when White People hit them with racial slurs.
Comment from : Raymond J Blaze

kskskskskskskski nig
Seem like the black man was ok with it😕
Comment from : kskskskskskskski nig

Black guy should not allow himself to become a part of this... smh
Comment from : K R

They must have payed that black dude a fortune
Comment from : _throat_blood_

M i n d y_ C h e n g
I’m Chinese and I’m happy they have apologized
Comment from : M i n d y_ C h e n g

Rob Trousdale
Well..I’m sure they are sorry
Comment from : Rob Trousdale

Eric Louclair
Listen, in china, people can do what they want! And for chinese live in Africa, just throw them to ocean!
Comment from : Eric Louclair

praneeth ruthprabhu
the chinese are never freindly even someone had an accident they just walk away from there and ignore the people
Comment from : praneeth ruthprabhu

jaque kinsey
Fuck Asian culture
Comment from : jaque kinsey

magali cuevas tumat
but the guy in the commercial accepted the contract to film this.... so that confuses me!??😩😩😩
Comment from : magali cuevas tumat

China really needs to know its roots. The original China man was black, and the same for other Asia country’s.
Comment from : Chennine

Jimmy Jim
Asians should washed themself from their ugliness
Comment from : Jimmy Jim

I’m Asian but I have nothing agues Black people I have blacks friends but I love the.
Comment from : Lil_PK

I feel offended.
Comment from : exshadowex

Grumpy Owl
Comment from : Grumpy Owl

Well that's China for you
Comment from : ELCNUmorFnaMehT

matthew mann
Try a commercial where a Yellow person comes out White
Comment from : matthew mann

nmm radio
thats actually funny cause this same commercial is done in other countries and they do change the race, even one where the guy come out black from white so stop lol this is comedy and you're trying to make it political lol
Comment from : nmm radio

Im The Real Tammy gonna
More importantly who is the dumbass nigga in the video who took part in it 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️
Comment from : Im The Real Tammy gonna

Latiaya B
They new wtf they were doing....they know that there is racist in every race so research before taking action duhh🙄🙄😏🙄🙄
Comment from : Latiaya B

Louis Reyna
There not sorry, they knew exactly what they were doing.
Comment from : Louis Reyna

David B
Don’t apologize, if you don’t like it stay out of racially homogenous countries that don’t accept immigration.
Comment from : David B

bruh African people in China are super rare what do you expect about it.
Comment from : ARandomYoutuber

This is a copy of a Italian laundry detergent commercial by Coloreria italiana for black laundry. Only in the Italian advertisement, the Italian husband came out as a young and athletic black man. The Chinese then took it and made it condescending and overtly racist.
Comment from : SFYNXCI

Antonio Mafia
Lmao well dam lol thats fuccccccckeed up 😃
Comment from : Antonio Mafia

Tay win
Comment from : Tay win

Purple print12
Comment from : Purple print12

Comment from : M C

This is a very stupid ad that makes people feel sick
Comment from : 朱威

Ralph Long
FUCK the fucking Chinese...they're ALL racist non-seeing assholes
Comment from : Ralph Long

An angry black woman, shocking.
Comment from : ktrigg2

Cui you are lying china is stupit not frendly
Comment from : kevin

I Am energy
Treat us like shit but wanna live in Africa what kind of shit is that🤔
Comment from : I Am energy

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