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Jolene M
How much did they get paid
Comment from : Jolene M

Titan Alpha
I bet all the dislikes are coming from the Black community. How unfortunate...
Comment from : Titan Alpha

Roof Koreans.
Comment from : Zarozian

Raymond J Blaze
I am not fooled by this. Asians are just as racist as White People
Comment from : Raymond J Blaze

john sims
There is no RIGHT thing to say .... There's just love or hate
Comment from : john sims

Quote FBI statistics
Comment from : MemerTommer

Man Asians hate us Black People 1000% !! No way around it . Pure hate !!
Comment from : ChillSteve28

Flj Bbr
I don't remember how blacks are particularly nice to Asians. I do know for fact a lot Asians are victimized by blacks.
Comment from : Flj Bbr

Lions Gorrilla
I'm disappointed by the majority of most of you guys comments.
Just sad!.

Comment from : Lions Gorrilla

Gary S
Asians everywhere
Comment from : Gary S

Loner face
How about all human lives matters? The color of the skin or race is not the problem. But the heart and the programming of a mind of a person.
Comment from : Loner face

ThisIsAllNotREAL U kno
I’m asian. Blacks have been more racist towards me than whites in my 40 some years of life
Comment from : ThisIsAllNotREAL U kno

Qu AudioReact
It's funny, people who are against it want us to stay down, to stay succeeding.
Not gonna happen.
Anti-Blackness will not last.

Comment from : Qu AudioReact

Penguin Queen
Comment from : Penguin Queen

timmy D=
I'm Asian American and a lot of my rights I have derive from the struggles of AA of the past. I believe that you can recognize that and the struggles many African Americans go through now, and still scrutinize Black Lives Matters. Their rhetoric, there push for violence, their indiscriminate support for any black guy no matter how guilty he is. Its clear that the people in power in such organizations, though empowered by the actual struggles aswell as the perceived struggles of their audiences. You don't have to be racist to see that.
Comment from : timmy D=

Silver Surfer Returns
BLACK on Asian Crimes are Silenced in the National Media.They >>>🔯🔯🔯Hate Asians and don't want to report Black on Asian Murders.
Comment from : Silver Surfer Returns

I’m sorry but the day I stand behind black lives matter is the day I see black lives matter stand next to Asian rights.

And I’ve never seen black people stand up for any Asian movements before, so that’s that.

Comment from : aznbreakerboi51o

ss kk
Lol. Interviewing college and young adult Asians who have rich parents and will never become a target of black crime. Trust me, I'm one of those rich Asian kids, and I've never even stepped into any black neighborhood in my life.

Interview Asians in the age of 50s~70s. They're group of people who actually operate buisinesses that become the target of black crime.

Comment from : ss kk

Asian americans are the most privileged group of americans out there, there main problem is not being recognised enough in movies loool
Comment from : FlamingRavenMC

Hugh Hughes
Black lives matter to naive whites and asians until they actually have to live around these people.
Comment from : Hugh Hughes

Captain Harrison
I am not asian I feel asian should unite be one and learn what ever they do how much they try they always be an asian not white like me or any non asian white male or female who prefers non asian pure whites over asians....
Comment from : Captain Harrison

Captain Harrison
We real non asian.. white folks want asians to be asians natural asians the God White Man is different from asians I believe in Jesus and Heavenly Father.....
Comment from : Captain Harrison

Johnny C
A waste of my time ... expect more than that. People is trying to avoid the main issue. Black is a problem.
Comment from : Johnny C

All lives matter
Comment from : RIPP32HARB0R

Comment from : TheMegaelectronic

hook blieght
blm = whinning

cnn the new buzzfeed

Comment from : hook blieght

Jordan Williams
The ignorance & stupidity in this comment section is amazing. I love it when non black people tell black people what they expierence in life doesnt happen & speaking out about racist anti black expierences somehow means black people r complaining ☺️
Comment from : Jordan Williams

Ef U
why in the f=÷#@ are you asking them?
Comment from : Ef U

Witch Chan
“Atrocities that have occurred”

Lady, some random person getting shot by police isn’t the Cambodian killing fields

Comment from : Witch Chan

Leroy Spencer
More dislikes than likes. Left wing propaganda video
Comment from : Leroy Spencer

Show time
It is absolutely true that Mexicans, Native Indians, East Asians, and South East Asians, get the worst treatment and inequality under the USA government system RIGHT NOW. No matter how long these people have been in USA and how much they contribute paying taxes and working and abide to the usa laws, they are still being treated less than equal than other Americans and even get harrassed and told to leave USA by other races here in USA. The white, black, hispanic people get everything and are privileged here in USA right now compare to those people. They easily get free food, housing, medical assistance. Get priority in education and government jobs. The USA justice laws favor them and allow them to attack and destroy people and properties of those people.
Comment from : Show time

Chance Holton
If you dont think everyone here in the us are treated equal...your full of it!
Comment from : Chance Holton

Nelda Johnson
OMG!! I have seen blacks get together to close down asians store owners, They will rob you right inside your own store, In my own neighborhood an asian store owners were robbed at gun point several times they were afraid for their lives so they had to close their store and move out of the neighborhood, Just recently two black women wanted free gas so they spilt a few dollars of gas on the ground and demanded 17 dollars back when the asian store owners said no the women started a fight now the owners are charged and the blacks shut down both of the gas stations that they own. So now these asians lost everything. www.pghcitypaper.com/pittsburgh/video-north-side-gas-station-owners-charged-with-assault-after-violent-altercation-with-black-women/Content?oid=15900089
Comment from : Nelda Johnson

Gigi_ Rose_
I’m a blasian
Comment from : Gigi_ Rose_

Anarchist Zero
Didn't most Asian Immigrants to the Klanazi Empire of North America shy away from "Negroes"? Has any other USA demographically group been as welcoming to immigrants than "the" Blacks?
Comment from : Anarchist Zero

The Power
Go on the street and ask asians this 😕
Comment from : The Power

Rael Ockletree
Wtf is this😂
Comment from : Rael Ockletree

Not a single thing any one of these people said had anything to do with BLM, their beliefs, or their hate. This is nothing but left wing propaganda.
Comment from : dabba

Jordan Tamah
To be honest I always have believed that minorities should stick together
Comment from : Jordan Tamah

Bumblebee Story
Why was this video even made
Comment from : Bumblebee Story

Black Americans are dark skinned white people. They are not Africans. Their language, culture, religion, and traditions are White. They were selectively bred by Whites. They have zero connections to their African lineages or ethnicity. They carry White surnames and they helped the white man in establishing the Americas.

They hate Asians too. Just that they are loud in your face when they express it and whites do it in silence but at the same time making sure you are aware of the hate.

Comment from : gumonmyshu

Spurgeon wright Jr.
Comment from : Spurgeon wright Jr.

John Kenneth
Honestly, From what i've seen the traditional Asians have it the best. They don't get the miss treatment like the black people, and they don't get automatically get called racist like the white people do. As long as they can do their own thing and make money and provide for their family, politics, activist movement, nothing really matters to them. Except for the occasional "bad driver" stereotype which is understandable because they probably learned how to drive in a different culture.
Comment from : John Kenneth

I’m Asian and BLACK LIVES MATTER is a racist group. This video is BS, totally BS!
Comment from : islandfocus2

Cheebi Umi
Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️
Comment from : Cheebi Umi

The Nightquest ooo
I'm black but I think all lives matter in the process of what's happening in the world.
Comment from : The Nightquest ooo

Hong Fei Bai
This is a nuanced situation. I overall do agree with the people in the video. The response in the Asian community about Peter Liang wasn't that he shot a black man in a dark hallway, but that he was a scapegoat for white officers who didn't get indicted.

Also, the comments about the triad are pretty foolish.

Asians do often get pushed to the side in discussions about race. Some people think we don't have it as bad as blacks or Latinos in terms of being more likely to be shot, and that's true. But that doesn't mean society and schools don't judge Asians.

The video on itself may or may not be biased. If you go to Fox, you'll also see that it's biased. The news isn't obligated to report in an unbiased manner, though it's preferable. Just because a group of people express their opinions, and they all happen to agree, does not make it biased, because that could just be a representation of the views of the company in question or the general consensus of the people of that group that work there.

There are liberal, moderate, and conservative Asians, just as there are white, black, Native, and Latino groups of different political beliefs.

The comment section is an example of ideas, beliefs, and reactions that are mostly just the opposition yelling at the people in the video. If you guys are indeed Asian (zhen de ma?) and say the Asians in the video don't represent you, then how can you represent them?

Asians as a group are varied, and just because you show this video to your one Asian friend that disagrees doesn't make the opinions of the people in the video any more or less valid.

Comment from : Hong Fei Bai

Blake & Sasha
I believe White Lives Matter. Does that make me a racist ?
Comment from : Blake & Sasha

Habib Shuvo
Blacks Lies Matter....this is fake. I am Asian and I can guarantee you 99.99% of Asians DO NOT LIKE BLACKS. especially the uneducated lowlife ones
Comment from : Habib Shuvo

Dear Asian people, to those of you who seek the truth and speak out; I thank you and I appreciate your humanity to speak out and expose injustice. Thank you.
Comment from : Deadra

Multi Maru
I’m black, I showed this video to my Korean friend and she also threw my phone across the room. 🤣
Comment from : Multi Maru

Traveling Guy
Asians care about their own people and they should. They don’t care about blacks. Blacks don’t care about them either. Asians are very smart because they know problems happen when you don’t primarily stick with your own kind. I don’t blame them at all. 👍🏻
Comment from : Traveling Guy

Asian's cool my only problem with them is they only kick it and hang out with their own in Texas at least as far as I can see. Spanish, Blacks, and Whites, all have parties and kick it with each other. I have not once seen flyers being passed out for any Asian party for other races of people to go to. I feel like we have a neighbor that we will never get a chance to really know about with the Asian's in Texas.
Comment from : JRB ON DA BEATS

Imdontai’s broke Headphones
So basically everyone in the comments are mad that Asians didn’t say they hate blacks?
Comment from : Imdontai’s broke Headphones

Lunar Nature
With all the dislikes I thought this would be a video full of ignorance and hatred but, not at all. It's sad to think about the vitriol and bigotry that bleeds through this country's veins.
Comment from : Lunar Nature

Austin Healey
Ask these same people the same question in private.....
Comment from : Austin Healey

Y’all Asians still just as worse as the whites.
Comment from : dahomiedave

Antiony Grilmady
asian guild hahaha funny
Comment from : Antiony Grilmady

Alston Fernandez
Comment from : Alston Fernandez

Raul Lopez
0:31 Hey Baljeet! 👋🙂
Comment from : Raul Lopez

Fish Sauce
To Blacks? Asian Lives Don't Matters
Comment from : Fish Sauce

Fish Sauce
BUT!!! BUTTT !! Blacks don't think Asians lives matters!!! Hey! liberal Asians! try walking in a Black neighborhood before you open your stupid mouths
Comment from : Fish Sauce

As an Asian American, im just completely disappointed by the anti-black, the stereotyping or the lack of supportive comments in the comments section of this video. Though i understand that every community has different interactions with black individuals and the black community, it changes from state to state, i expected a lot more support for the black communities and these individuals in the clip and with what they are talking about.

Regardless of how you personally feel when others come to this video, your comments are a representation of how people see the black and asian community and so many comments are painting a negative image. Disappointing and a little disgusting.

Comment from : MsAKApolly

b l v v d s a w g e k k t
pls stop worshipping white people
Comment from : b l v v d s a w g e k k t

sandra martinez
asian cops know what time it is with black lives matter groups when there shot at
Comment from : sandra martinez

sandra martinez
i am sorry but asians get hurt alot by blacks i know i lived it so many get attacked for there gold or cash
Comment from : sandra martinez

DatBoi 713
Some of these comments are SO toxic
Comment from : DatBoi 713

mot gnay
Black ppl are misrepresented cause a lot of them can't represent themselves properly and it reflects on the whole black community. They need to fix themselve first. That hood mentally or sensitive nature to any form of criticism is a major issues for the black community. The level of ignorant and self denial whenever any body of any other race criticise them even for the right reason is taking as a form of racism or hate from the other race, and the initiative response or follow up has always been to lash out either with words of unfairness or violence rather than stopping for a moment to access what is been said. I'm asian, a lot of these asian ppl in this video are either ignorant or they just don't want to face retaliation for being honest. There's have been more crime committed from black to yellow to be enough of a reason for Asian ppl to not take BLM so seriously. Let's face it, no body take us asian ppl seriously. Cause if it was a black person or any other race, they wouldn't hesitate one sec to voice their opinion.
Comment from : mot gnay

Freestyle 88
His was truly beautiful!!!! Much respect
Comment from : Freestyle 88

Does Black Lives Matter in China have a strong following?
Comment from : 19leeryan

Chance Holton
We are still being held back.
Comment from : Chance Holton

Bruce Lee Roy
Unfortunately, this group does not represent the majority of Asians.
Comment from : Bruce Lee Roy

as an Asian, I support the USA police 100 percent, please keep shooting hoodrat criminals haha I love it when they get peppered by lead. I myself have shot a bunch of em BLUE LIVES MATTER>
Comment from : Bander1

as an asian black live matter = hoodrat
Comment from : Bander1

Ajibola Mustapha
I'm black but black people should change that thrase it should be all lives matter
Comment from : Ajibola Mustapha

Alexander Lee
Black lives no matter
Comment from : Alexander Lee

Tony swe
I am Asian and I feel we all should come together. Peace n love for all.
Comment from : Tony swe

NBC, a liberal-leaning news network. What do you expect other than propoganda? The majority of Asian-Americans, Hispanics, and even some blacks I know feel that BLM is totally nonsensical.
Comment from : Roger

Michael G.
Comment from : Michael G.

back yard cat pop
These people get treated like dirt in their own native countries come to America and pretend their oppressed by the whiteman. But are the most free people on the planet, go figure
Comment from : back yard cat pop

Joe Ballze
This generation is so weak .
Comment from : Joe Ballze

Dangis Khan
Hmm I wonder do feel the same about the blacks that target them for robbery in their communities?? This video is laughable propaganda. Look up asians targeted in Sacramento by blacks. It happens all over the US. Remember the LA riots when they targeted Koreans? Same in Dallas.
Comment from : Dangis Khan

Joycel Em Villafuerte
I am asian and I don’t support Anarchist group Black Lives Matter.
Comment from : Joycel Em Villafuerte

Just Jon
Communist New propaganda. NBC is just another CNN run by Liberal Commies. Divide and conquer, no race shoudl fall for this Liberal Communist agenda.
Comment from : Just Jon

???? ¿¿¿¿
O let me tell you something Asians absolutely hate blacks with a passion
Comment from : ???? ¿¿¿¿

Ravan Stan God
Usa is a trash country.
Comment from : Ravan Stan God

Michael M
So blocking random street corners, rioting, burning down their own
Neighborhoods and lying about police shootings ....

Asians need to stop voting liberal while living conservative

Comment from : Michael M

Great video. We need more content like this honestly.
Comment from : BiGsImY

Brandy Byas
This video is so fake, 99.9% of asians view black people worst then the any racist white person ever could. This wasn't even remotely believable lol.
Comment from : Brandy Byas

Sandra Mimi Beauty
As Filipinos and Asians we don't care about Negros 😂
Comment from : Sandra Mimi Beauty

Hulk Smash
Eh Tu Phil? Eh Tu?
Comment from : Hulk Smash

Do Viet
To ALL TRUE Asians on the comment post. Although most of us think this is just nonsense, please be aware that our next generation is starting to be brainwashed and align themselves along this mentality. DO NOT take these comments lightly because they are warning signs of what is threatening our culture and civilizations...Thousand years of ASIAN heritage could be wiped out like native Americans if we do not safeguard the values and morals which our parents and grandparents have instilled in us.
Comment from : Do Viet

Ethan Xu
Comment from : Ethan Xu

We are not all human. I am a goldfish. Hmph!
Comment from : beerndumplings

Jesus Christ
#BlackLIvesMatter = hate
Comment from : Jesus Christ

autumn sun
Who are you all kidding we know how are Asian people feel about black American people and I'm sure black dark skin people in general so I don't know why y'all put this up here propaganda manipulation to keep a sleeping black folks are not sleeping anymore I can speak for black Americans we are not sleeping anymore we know what's going on especially in the Asian community good day
Comment from : autumn sun

Habib Shuvo
Trust me....Blacks have more rights and freedom than other races in America, they have been freely terrorizing asian businesses and communities all over America. I just find it odd why all these asians would support BLM when police hunt these blacks who terrorize businesses and locals.
Comment from : Habib Shuvo

D.S. Park
As an Asian, I have mixed feelings about Black Lives Matters. On the positive, it sheds light on the racial injustice in America. But on the negative, it gets too radical and becomes no better than the KKK, New Black Panther Party, etc.
Comment from : D.S. Park

Chinese people can care less bout us tbh 💅so
Comment from : 愛Frxsty

Rose Barnwell
They express themselves intelligently. Didn’t evenhave to attack whites to make a point. Yup! I respect their discussion because I could open up my ears without feeling an attack is eminent on whites. Thank you for your perspective.♥️
Comment from : Rose Barnwell

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